10 Free and Best Movie Streaming App, Download & Install Now to Watch!
Best Movie Streaming App

10 Free and Best Movie Streaming App, Download & Install Now to Watch!

With the development of time, nowadays there are many activities that can be done at home, starting from shopping, foraging, and even watching movies, although we can do it at home. This is one of the many changes that technology has brought to human life. Watching movies, activities that used to require going to the cinema or buying a Blu-ray disc to watch a movie can now be done at home. Just with a cell phone and internet and some money, of course. You can now watch a movie in the comfort of your own home. This can be done thanks to an application that offers movie streaming services.

Currently, there are many Android and iOS apps that offer movie streaming services with a variety of choices. With it, you can watch movies wherever and whenever you want, no need to bother going to the cinema or giving out Blu-ray just to watch movies. However, many also have similar apps that inject malware into Android phones. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the app you are going to use and make sure it is protected from harmful malware.

List of The Latest and Best Movie Streaming Apps

Here are recommendations from several applications that offer the best movie streaming services and are also safe to use. Starting from iflix, Netflix, Hooq, MAXstream and so on which you can see below.

1. iflix

iflix is an application that offers video-on-demand services, such as movies, TV series, and various other types of videos from various countries. iflix has been around since 2014, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia currently, iflix has operations in more than 20 countries, and Indonesia is one of them. By using iflix, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series whenever you want. Especially if you are a user of Telkom products.

With the cooperation established by iflix and Telkom, you will get special treatment from iflix, the special treatment is in the form of a free VIP for one year. Download via the link below if you are interested in using iflix.

2. Netflix

For those of you who like to stream videos, of course, you are quite familiar with the name Netflix. This application has become one of the favorite entertainment media around the world, both among children to the elderly. With Netflix, you can enjoy a wide variety of movies, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, and many other types of videos. Only through an Android phone, you can feel the atmosphere of a famous cinema with the high video quality.

Behind the features and services provided by Netflix, this application has shortcomings that you will feel, especially if you are a Telkom Indonesia customer. This is because Telkom itself has blocked access to open Netflix, but this does not make Telkom customers out of their minds. They take advantage of third-party services to get around blocked access. One of them is using VPN Check. That way, you can enjoy streaming movies without fear of being blocked.

Not only that, Netflix also only provides international payment services such as Credit Card, Paypal, etc. for purchasing subscription packages. But for those of you who can get past all those shortcomings, this application is the best application that you can use. Download Netflix via the link below.

3. Hooq

Unlike the previous two applications, this one application is an application created and developed in Indonesia, this application is Hooq. Maybe this name is familiar to you. If you are a Telkomsel provider user in particular, maybe you often listen to the special packages provided by Telkomsel to use this application.

By using Hooq, you will be able to enjoy various movies and TV series, especially Indonesian TV Series. Apart from that, you also get a local TV channel streaming service for free through your android phone. Only with Rp. 50.000/month, you can enjoy all its services for free, without ads, and without restrictions. Download Hooq via the link below.

4. MAXstream

If Hooq and iflix are applications that work with Telkomsel, then not with this one application. MAXstream is a video-on-demand service application developed by Telkomsel itself to keep up with the times. Similar to the previous applications, by using this application you will also get access to enjoy the various films available in it, of course with a small additional cost.

Not only movies, MAXstream also has streaming services for various TV channels, Local and International. You can also get recordings of sporting events that have taken place. If you are a Telkomsel customer, you can run this MAXstream application with your VideoMAX quota. Download MAXstream via the link below.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Still with movie streaming applications, in this fifth position, there is an application developed by a giant company that works in the technology field, namely Amazon Prime Video. As the name suggests, this one application is an application developed by Amazon to provide video streaming services, such as movies, TV series, cartoons, documentation, and various other types of videos on your cellphone. For only $5.99/month, you can enjoy all the movies on your android phone. Don’t worry, if you still have doubts, Amazon Prime Video also provides free service for the first month as a trial phase. Download Amazon Prime Video via the link below.

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Enjoy movies in your own home and turn your home into a private cinema ready to show movies whenever you want with this one app. CATCHPLAY, is the app that can turn your phone into a private cinema. With the variety of movies it has, this application will really satisfy those of you who like watching movies.

Don’t want to join as a premium member, but still want to watch the latest movies? No problem, on CATCHPLAY you can rent the movies you like without the need to join as a premium member. Start with Rp. 15,000, you can already rent a new movie. Interested in CATCHPLAY? Download via the link below.

7. Google Play Film

Google Play Movies is a Google Play application that functions as a player for movies purchased or rented through Google Play. If you often open the Google Play Store on Android, surely you will know that there is a Movies tab where when you select it, you will find various movies that Google Play offers.

You can play these films with the Google Play Movies application, of course before that you have to buy or rent the films first. Usually, the Google Play Movies application provides two movie resolutions, namely SD and HD, this will be seen when you purchase a movie package. Usually, this application is already installed in every new mobile phone purchase, but if your phone does not have it, you can download it via the link below.

8. VIU

Do you like Korean drama? If yes, then this app is perfect for you. VIU is a video-on-demand application that displays a lot of Asian dramas, especially Korean dramas. By using VIU, you can enjoy various TV Series or movies from Asia with Indonesian subtitles on your own cellphone.

Not only that, you can also enjoy films from other Asia, such as Bollywood, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. With only Rp. 30,000 you can already join as a premium member and get advantages that other regular members cannot get. Interested in VIU, download it via the link below.

9. Vision+

If earlier there was an application developed by Telkomsel, this time there is an application developed by MNC Corporation or MNC Group, it is Vision+ or previously known as MNC NOW. With a variety of local and international TV channels that you can watch live on your android phone, as well as movies that can entertain you, this app will turn your phone into a personal cinema.

If you’re too busy to watch live shows, the app also provides a Catch-Up TV service that will show you recorded TV within a week. With this service, you don’t have to be afraid anymore to miss your favorite TV show. Start with Rp. 20,000/2 months, you can subscribe and unlock locked services. Download Vision+ via the link below.

10. Crunchyroll

For the last application, there is an application that is slightly different from the previous applications. If there was an application that smelled of Korean films or dramas, this one application smells of Japanese films or animation. Crunchyroll is the most popular application in the viewing of “anime” or Japanese animation online and legally. If you are a fan of anime, then this app will be perfect for you.


By using this application, you can watch your favorite anime TV Series whenever and wherever you want. You also don’t have to worry about the legality. The only drawback of this app is that it only provides English subtitles. Download Crunchyroll via the link below.

List of Free and Legal Cinema & Best Movie Streaming Apps on Android

  • Loklok
  • JustWatch
  • Netflix
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • WeTV
  • Viu
  • GoPlay
  • HBO GO
  • iflix
  • MAXStream
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Online Cinema
  • ClickMovie
  • TrueID
  • Cinema Box
  • Genflix 2.0
  • Viki
  • Tubi TV
  • Yidio
  • Popcornflix
  • MegaBoxHD
  • Vudu
  • Plex
  • Crackle

This is a free online movie-watching app that you can try to watch the latest movies of 2022 including the best movies. This way you can watch interesting movies without leaving your home.

You can also stream movies with the best movie streaming apps on all devices from mobile phones, computers/laptops, and also Android TV. Download the app now!

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